Born in the heart of the Big Apple and raised in the energetic city of Manila, Gica is an illustrator, graphic designer and frequent flyer.

She graduated in 2015 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Information Design from the Ateneo de Manila University and was honoured the Loyola Schools Awards for the Arts, excellence in Visual Arts: Illustration. She recently completed a residency in Illustration and Visual Storytelling in 2016 at the School of Visual Art in New York City.

In her spare time, she can be found boxing, exploring or watching (a lot of) films and tv shows.   

She is based between New York and Manila.

Selected Exhibitions
Light Grey Art Lab:
Camouflage (2017)
The Lost Isle of Kismet (2017)
Color Anthropology (2017)
To Be You (2017)
Tiny Homes (2016)
Ang INK: Twice (2015)

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